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Akram Alattar

Akram relocated from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Darwin in December 2014 as an immigrant. He studied Architecture at the Cairo University, Egypt before he started working in UAE.

He has handled many major and minor projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi including, major apartment blocks and hotels. His main role has been to translate the concepts into tender drawings in a multidisciplinary team approach.

For the short time Akram has been with MKEA Akram has demonstrated a sound understanding of construction and is a competent and efficient Revit operator. 

Akram Alattar


Arzu Boyacioglu

Arzu studied architecture at the University of Beykent in Instanbul/Turkey and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Architecture.

Arzu has worked in the Architecture industry in Turkey up until migrating to Australia in 2014. While in Turkey she worked as a Architect/Project Architect on various projects such as, schools, hotels, apartment buildings and residences.

After arriving in Darwin with her family in March 2014, Arzu then began working at MKEA as a revit/autocad technician in December 2014.

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