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Little Mangoes Childcare

Located in Katherine East is Little Mangoes, a 75 place childcare centre providing a much needed and supported service for the community. 

The building stands in place of and incorporates a pre existing structure once owned and run by the Salvation Army.

Space Organisation, Access, Circulation, Supervision, Scale, Ambience, Safety and Flexibility with Permanence, were determining factors on the effectiveness of the Centre’s function, respective of adult and child use. The geometry, palette of colour and materials used were conceived in relation to adjacent residential developments, the sites existing building and its compatibility in the environment of the locality.

The Centre plays on the idea of light and colour, integral to any learning environment.  A visually attractive and enticing setting is created in recognition that children’s first contact with the environment is a sensory one and that it acts as a major catalyst to children’s enjoyment of space and process of inquiry.

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