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Christchurch Cathedral Roof, Darwin NT

The repair of the leaking roof required both the complete removal and upgrade of the main glass window, the removal and replacement of the existing roof sheeting and the parapet wall panels between the differing roof planes. This required the entire high light window and hi level roof to be scaffolded and bridged over and from the existing roof.

To successfully complete the work there was only one sequence that would allow the work to proceed and that was to start at the apex of the roof and slowly work down from there, first completing the upgrade of the window structural framing then followed by the installation of the special heat reflective glass, to proceeding on with the replacement of all the roof sheeting, fascia and barge cappings together with all the roof plumbing and finally the completion of the new verandahs.

Whilst the windows and glazing were being manufactured the builder began casting the pre cast verandah columns off site, forming and pouring the concrete footings and slabs to the new verandahs and then replacing the roof sheeting at the rear of the church. As the work progressed the scaffolding came down. What remains is a place of beauty and delight which the builder has helped to transform the former church.

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