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BER Schools, Darwin

MKEA Architects have recently been involved with several school projects including Bakewell Primary, Bees Creek Primary, Durack Primary, Casuarina Street Primary and Woodroffe Primary Schools who have all received funding for new classroom blocks as part of the 2009/10 Operation Stimulus package. 

A building template consisting of four classroms in a block were developed by Department of Planning and Infrastructure's Construction division, with minor alterations to customize the blocks to each individual school's requiremnts. The template building offered cost savings to the clients, as well as efficiency in construction. 

These savings have allowed for additional school infrastructure which is currently underway, such as the extention of the Durack Primary School library and a covered basketball court at Woodroffe Primary School. Also despite the tight time frames all four school blocks  were completed on schedule.

Each general learning area (GLA) will incorporate a focal wall joinery unit which facilitates interactive teaching and learning. The unit incorporates features such as an electronic interactive whiteboard with speakers, laptop chargers and a printer. Every GLA also has an external bifold door which provides the opportunity for an outdoor learning environment during the dry season. 

Some existing facilities that required removal were relocated and used in other parts of the school, such as ramps and playground equipment signifying the importance of re-use in conjunction with new construction.

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